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Who are Wallis?

At Wallis we understand real women, and we’ve been designing clothes to help you look and feel great since 1923. Almost a century later, we’re proud to have joined the Boohoo family to continue to grow the brand we all know and love. Women have been coming to Wallis for over 90 years for stylish, exclusive, modern fashion designed with a clean, contemporary feel. So, from our Love to Lounge collection to our wedding-guest ready dresses, we’re here to elevate your everyday wardrobe.

Wallis girl

Wallis girl

Why Wallis?

Use a Wallis gift card to reward your employees and improve motivation and engagement throughout your business.

Recruiting and retaining customers is critical to the success of your business. We offer a simple, yet effective way to connect your customers to your business and protect the relationship you've built.

Customers are important! Use Wallis to incentivise, engage and boost customer loyalty.

There's many more occasions beyond Christmas to acknowledge your employees and customers, use Wallis as yours go to for work anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.



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